Ready to Play

Whether it’s a full room or a shared space, a play area can be functional, beautiful and creativity-inducing with the right elements: a quiet place to read, kid-friendly furniture, open floor space and plenty of storage.

Quiet Zone

Encourage restful downtime, reading and independent play with a quiet zone. A cozy nook, left, or comfy chair is an inviting spot for reading. Cushions, pillows and stuffed animals add to the feeling of softness and security. Nearby shelves hold books and a few favorite toys.

The Down-Low

Child-high surfaces, tabletops and chairs allow kids to move freely in their space without needing assistance to play. A large-enough table, left, lets multiple children draw with colored pencils, work on puzzles and play with toys. Low-profile children’s furniture keeps the room orderly.

Out in the Open

Kids love to sprawl out with toys all over the floor, so make space for floor-based play. The perimeter of a soft rug implies a boundary for messes from creative play. Keep order by simply establishing rules for how long toys can be left on the floor.

Stow and Go

Overt and covert storage solutions are the name of the game in a put-together playroom. Cabinets and built-ins are safe spots for supervised-use and off-season items like modeling clay and sand buckets. Cubby furniture and other open storage allow kids to easily pull items out and put them away themselves.

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