Time for Tea

Bring out that lovely ceramic teapot and brew a few cups of black, green or oolong tea. Enjoy the flavor—and the health benefits.

Teas are rich in antioxidants, substances that keep brain cells healthy. People who consume three or more cups of tea per day have been shown to have a decreased risk of heart disease and stroke. And cancer? Preliminary research is revealing that tea may inhibit uncontrolled cell growth. What a delightful way to be healthier—any time of day.

Hint: Always use a tea infuser, tea ball or strainer when making loose-leaf tea to avoid accidentally drinking the leaves. Brew each blend according to directions.

Tea Time

1. Lavender Sencha — A blend of European lavender and Japanese green tea gives this brew a mild, exotic aroma. There is just enough of the lavender to transport you to a soothing garden. This calming nighttime pleasure may nurture sweet dreams.

2. Organic Brandied Apricot — Hints of brandied apricots give this perfect blend of black teas from India and Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) its exotic flavor. Just sweet enough, a mild aroma entices any tea lover. A wonderful way to end a meal or invigorate you at tea time.

3. Milk Oolong — Specially harvested tea leaves from the mountains of China produce a drink that is a rare treat, indeed. A sweet buttery scent wafts above the cup, while a delicate flavor invites you to close your eyes and savor the moment. A smooth sensation coats your tongue and lips, begging you to take one more sip. And perhaps another after that.

4. Silver Needle — Called the finest of the white teas, these green leaves brew, quite literally, white. Soothing, mild, only slightly sweet, this light tea is low in caffeine and high in antioxidants. A nice blend to brew before bed.

5. Moroccan Mint — This is a tea that excites the senses from the moment you open the tin. A steaming mug of this delightful blend of mint and green tea will invigorate any tea taster with its tingling aroma. It is a definite pick-me-up as a warm brew but also makes a refreshing iced tea, sure to drive away the heat on a scorching summer afternoon.

6. Spice Tea — A spicy scent transports you to exotic Asia as you prepare this heady brew. The blend of black tea suffused with spices will leave you craving more as you experience the rich flavor, which is heavy on cinnamon. Sweet, smooth and vibrant, it is certain to get compliments from guests fortunate enough to be offered a cup.

Photographed by Tobin Bennett
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