Faith Barista

Bonnie Gray

Bonnie’s goal for her blog is to “serve up shots of faith for the daily grind.” Author of the book Finding Spiritual Whitespace, Bonnie uses her blog to help others embrace God. Her words are life-giving and introspective. She writes, “I’ve been like Jonah, trying to hide from my heart and just fall asleep in the bottom of the boat. I’ve been putting my heart to sleep by trying to forget what God has inspired me to do. I’ve been waiting for God to bring me peace. But I realize what I really want isn’t peace. I want a risk-free and doubt-free journey. And well, that’s not the peace that comes by faith. I need to embrace that’s how God’s made me. I need to accept myself, as God accepts me.” Bonnie reaches out with vulnerability and sincerity.

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