Americans love pizza. The aroma of garlic and fresh herbs works its magic on our senses. A combination of tangy tomato sauce, bubbling cheese and fresh toppings invites us to indulge in just one more piece. And that’s just the start of the possibilities.

For delicious taste bite-after-bite, getting the crust right is critical. Get the crispy snap of a thin crust by using an unglazed pizza stone heated for at least 30 minutes in a hot oven. Assemble your pizza on parchment paper and slide paper onto the stone. After cooling the stone completely, scrub and rinse with plain water—stones absorb soaps. Or try our surprising stove-top pizza in an iron skillet. A heavy metal pan works well for deep dish or thin-crust pizzas. Dough goes directly on the lightly oiled surface. If your crust gets too dark, nest two pans together to provide an air cushion. The secret to our deep-dish pizza is cheddar cheese baked right into the crust.

To save time and make it easier to roll, make your dough ahead, rub on a little olive oil and store overnight in the refrigerator. Love a thin crispy crust? Choose an all-purpose flour with lower protein. Maybe you’re a fan of chewy, yeast-raised crusts. Make sure half the flour is high-protein semolina or bread flour to get that strong, elastic structure. Experiment with unbleached or whole wheat flours.

Top a pizza according to its crust—heavier toppings on thick crust and light toppings on thin.

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Homemade Pizza

Your homemade pizza can be better than takeout, whether it’s a thin-crust beauty topped with fresh tomatoes and melted mozzarella, a quick and easy skillet pizza or a gluten-free surprise. 

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Recipes: Crunchy Taco Pizza

Juicy chunks of ground beef combined with the salsa of your choice mingle happily with vegetables and melted cheese in this south-of-the-border variation. Set out bowls of crushed nacho chips, shredded lettuce, sour cream and sliced jalapeños for customizing. A thick crust stands up to the many ingredients.

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3-Way Skillet Pizza

This stove-top method is so easy and the results are so delicious, it promises to become an everyday favorite. To get started, try our Veggie, Chicken Caesar and Pepperoni-Sausage recipes. Begin by browning oiled whole wheat crust in a cast iron skillet, then flipping it to brown on the reverse side. Take it off the stove, add toppings and cover. Residual heat bakes the crust and melts the cheese.

Recipes: Pepperoni-Sausage Skillet Pizza

Recipes: Chicken Caesar Skillet Pizza

Recipes: Veggie Skillet Pizza with Italian White Sauce

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Deep-Dish Canadian Bacon Pizza

This hearty baked pizza will keep the meat-lovers in your life happy. A thick and chewy cheddar-cheese crust is topped with a generous layer of mozzarella, savory peppers and onions, Parmesan cheese and Canadian bacon. A layer of rich, spicy tomato sauce is added and the deep-dish beauty is baked in a hot oven. Delicioso!

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Berry Brownie Pizza

For a sweet twist on tradition, try this luscious dessert pizza. Cream cheese frosting and fresh berries sit atop a brownie base. Our chocolate dough holds it shape when rolled out and baked on a pizza stone or metal pan. The result is a chewy and delicious foundation. Fresh berries with a sprinkle of powdered sugar add a sweet-tart burst of flavor to this rich indulgence.


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