The Genius of Gingham

White cotton crossed with colorful thread creates one of the most endearing fabrics of all time: gingham.

In Full Bloom

Tissue paper, a pair of scissors and a few simple folds create these delicate florals. Invite springtime into your home with one of the crafts ahead. After all, paper flowers are always in season.

31 Bits

Vibrant handmade beads and a desire to help displaced Ugandan women led five Christian college friends to launch a successful jewelry company.

Blooms of Beauty

Flowers are a glory to behold. But which is the most beautiful?

Coffee & Donuts

When was the last time you tasted the perfection of a warm, homemade donut? If the answer takes you back to your grandmother’s kitchen, consider reliving the sweet memory by making a batch of your own.

Quiet Place

Make time and space for God by converting an armoire into a well-planned devotional center with everything you need. Think of it as a mini spiritual retreat—a serene spot where you can focus your thoughts and prayers.

The Art of Faith

The living Word speaks life into these faith-encouraging craft projects. Use them to help bring Scripture into your work and home spaces.

A Prayer Life

Life can be hectic, challenging, hurried and sometimes overwhelming. There’s one certain path to peace: Prayer. It’s the vital heart of your relationship with God. You need to talk to God and He wants to listen and answer. Find a quiet refuge and spend time opening your heart to God. In prayer, you will be standing at the King’s throne to praise, worship and petition. Four women writers offer insights into prayer. Why should you pray? How can you get started? How do you develop a deeper prayer life?