The Love of Maple

God had a sweet idea when he created maple sugar. Then he invited us all to enjoy.

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Maple and Caramel Layered Spice Cake

Maple’s earthy richness infuses this towering pumpkin spice cake that tastes as good as it looks. Each luscious bite is filled with maple and walnuts … maple and cream cheese … maple and spicy pumpkin. Serve it with a cup of dark French roast coffee.

Recipes: Maple and Caramel Layered Spice Cake
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Maple Shortbread Cookies

Each morsel of these delicate cookies offers the indescribable flavor of caramelized maple. Maple abounds through and through—its in the cookie and in the glaze. Take a nibble. Youll know its shortbread by the way the cookie melts in your mouth.

Recipes: Maple Shortbread Cookies
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Mini Maple Meatballs

These savory meatballs start with ground pork and ground beef infused with garlic, cayenne and mustard. A touch of maple complements the spicy mix. Having a party? Prepare ahead, then bake just prior to the gathering.

Recipes: Mini Maple Meatballs
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Maple Nutty Mix

Bathed in a spicy maple glaze that glistens after it sets, this salty-sweet treat is an easy-to-fix mixture of cereals, rye chips, mini pretzels and maple-glazed nuts.

Recipes: Maple Nutty Mix
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Maple-Glazed Doughnuts

Donuts should be uncomplicated—like these maple beauties. Instead of batter, make these from home-style canned biscuits and flour, then deep-fry them in mere seconds. For the topper, dip them in a quick-and-easy boiled frosting of maple, butter and confectioners sugar. The glaze hardens to a pleasing sheen.

Recipes: Maple Glazed Donuts
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Bacon-Topped Turkey with Maple Glaze

A glaze of real maple syrup and balsamic vinegar produces a crisp golden skin and satiny gravy with a hint of sweetness. Create a lovely presentation by draping maple-flavored bacon across the back of the bird before roasting. Sliced carrots and quartered onions are baked in the pan, where they absorb that delicious flavor.

Recipes: Bacon-Topped Turkey with Maple Glaze
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Maple Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

Topped by pecans in pools of buttery maple, this is the best cinnamon roll ever. The irresistible flavors of caramelized maple and cinnamon soak deep into the moist roll. Its the perfect treat for a brunch with family and friends.

Recipes: Maple-Pecan Cinnamon Rolls