Cream Puff Pastry

The word is out that French-inspired cream puffs are simpler to make than they seem. Demand is growing for tender pastry spheres bursting at the seams with delectable fillings. Discover sensational new ways to put a spin on a classic concept.

Blue Cheese cream puffs in a glass
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Blue Cheese

These moist bites need no embellishment. The sharpness of blue cheese is baked into the cream puff walls, producing a crisp yet tender texture. They are best served warm from the oven, perhaps with a bunch of sweet grapes alongside. A clear, sparkling beverage pairs well with this savory appetizer.


Several lemon lavender cream puffs are arranged on parchment paper
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Lemon Lavender

With upswept waves of sweetness, these whorled puffs are the airiest of confections. Open centers are perfect for holding rich lemony cream. A delicate glaze with confectioners’ sugar whisked into lavender water complements the mild citrus filling. Lavender buds strewn on top promise a delightful taste.


A cake made with cream puff pastry and topped with raspberries is served on a marble cake plate
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Raspberry Puff Cake

A light-as-air cream puff cake topped with white chocolate provides a soft landing for luscious raspberry fluff. The unmatchable flavor and deep hue of raspberries counter the richness of sweetened whipped cream.


Salted caramel cream puff with a tiramisu filling on a plate.
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Salted Caramel

A cavalcade of flavors promises this dessert will have your taste buds dancing. The subtle essence of coffee comes from tiramisu-flavored mascarpone in a creamy, brown-sugar sweetened concoction. The dark chocolate cream puff, split to make way for a dreamy dollop of tiramisu, gets drizzled with homemade caramel sauce. For a taste surprise amid all the sweetness, a pinch of gourmet sea salt was added to the mix. Each puff is so decadent you’ll crave more than one.


Smoked salmon salad is served on cream puff pastry buns with cheddar cheese and poppy seeds
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Smoked Salmon

Infuse elegance into any gathering with these appetizer puffs. Give tradition a makeover by adding cheddar cheese to the pastry dough and sprinkling with poppy seeds before baking. Smoked salmon, roasted peppers and chives in a cream cheese base create an impressive hors d’oeuvre. Chill the salmon mixture before filling, or fill and chill right in the puffs.


Chicken salad with pecans and grapes is served in cream puff bowls
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Chicken Salad

Studded with toasted pecans and sweet red grapes, chicken salad this good deserves distinctive staging. Present it in tender cream puff bowls with matching lids for a lunch entrée, accompanied by crisp greens or pureed soup. It’s an elegant choice when having friends over for a light repast.


Vanilla and triple chocolate cream puffs are served on stacked cake stands.
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Vanilla & Triple Chocolate

A rich whipped cream filling flavored with instant pudding mix allows these puffs to hold their shapes when made ahead. Mix and match cream puff shells with fillings and toppings to create your own favorite indulgence.

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