Celebrate Together

Make the most of the season's freedoms by hosting a fresh-air meal for family and friends. While enjoying a warm evening together, share about the goodness of the Lord.

When the grill is our kitchen and the deck or patio our dining room, the mood becomes a magical mix of relaxed exhilaration. Being surrounded by God's creation increases our awareness of His goodness, making thanksgiving a natural response. Light-hearted conversations flow freely. Lines between a child's world and a grown-up's fade. We sense the Lord's genuine pleasure as we come together to eat, laugh, play, make memories and praise His name. 

Chicken on the grill is a favorite summer treat, and with a lively rub and fruity salsa, it's even more mouthwatering. Making the mango-based salsa a couple hours ahead frees you for fun and visiting. 


For the lazy days of summer, thrifty bone-in chicken may actually be the preferred choice over boneless, fast-cooking options. The slow, indirect cooking required for hindquarters allows time for casual interaction while the irresistible aroma builds hungry anticipation. Brush a glossy marmalade glaze on the chicken during the final 15 minutes, signaling mealtime is close.

Recipe: Grilled Citrus Chicken with Salsa


To grill corn, pull back the husks but leave them attached at the stem. Remove the silk. Gather the husks over the stem and tie with string to create a handle. Brush ears with softened butter and cook 8 to 12 minutes over direct heat with husks away from the fire or resting on foil. Turn corn and brush with butter every 2 to 3 minutes. For a spectacular finish, sprinkle with our recipe for homemade Basil-Parmesan Seasoning.

Recipe: Basil-Parmesan Seasoning


Red, white and blue is an American tribute any day of the year, but especially for an Independence Day gathering. As a grand finale to a delicious summer meal, dazzle everyone at the party with this fresh fruit dessert in a star-spangled crust. Layers of sweet blueberries and fluffy cream cheese filling hide under a spectacular mountain of glazed strawberries. 

Recipe: Mile-High Strawberry Pie

Lord, you are a Giver of all good things. Thank You for the precious people gathered here, the beauty of this day and the bountiful food before us. In Your name, Amen.