Easy Cakes

Use Our easy cake recipes and decorating tips and you will be a star baker in no time!

Harvest Glory

Among the rolling hills of Madison County sits a tiny cabin, lovingly handcrafted by a meticulous woodworker. Each year the cabin comes alive when he and his wife host a harvest party—a gathering of family, friends and coworkers—to give praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.

Sunday Picnic!

When the sun shines bright in the summer sky and the earth is bursting with life, it's a wonderful time for a Sunday picnic.

Breath of Life

Every new baby brings joy and happiness into the world. Friends, family and sometimes the staff of L:B magazine gather to celebrate the birth and offer gifts and love to new mothers and fathers.

Dinner With Friends

Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. One way of offering our love is to share conversation over a relaxed meal.

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