Easy-Cook Grain Guide

From familiar nutty brown rice to less well-known, smoky-flavor freekeh, whole grains are simple to cook and high in nutritional value. Grains are the cornerstone to many delicious, healthful meals.

Divine by Design: Lessons from the Garden

What better way to celebrate Spring than by planting a vegetable garden. Cultivating this God-given bounty nourishes both body and spirit while reaffirming our faith.

Always Up for Breakfast

The aroma of bacon in the skillet or hot cakes on the griddle rouses anticipation that spontaneously lifts spirits. Served at the beginning, middle or end of the day, breakfast promotes a positive, cheerful atmosphere around the family table.

Soup & Sandwich Supper

Casual meals provide important connections for busy families. Low-stress preparation and a laid-back atmosphere offer easy opportunities to encourage those we love.

Backyard Dining

Jesus often lingered over a meal with those He loved. Follow His example by gathering family for a refreshing outdoor dinner in His name.

Pasta Primavera

Lemon chicken nestled atop pasta, asparagus and bell pepper is an ideal springtime meal for families that treasure dining together.

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